Founded in 2013 in the multi-cultural City of Oxford, Ikkaido is an innovative Disability Sports Organisation and registered charity whose roots reach far back into the past.  Ikkaido is the largest disability martial arts organisation in the world and operates in 10 different countries. Our board contains both disabled and non-disabled people.

Martial Arts are not the object of what we do, but martial arts are iconic and they are fun.  Everyone has heard of Bruce Lee, the Karate Kid or Kung Fu Panda, everyone has attempted that karate chop.  Ever popular and with wide appeal, martial arts have the potential to create social change.

Martial arts are the vehicle we use to create outcomes in physical and mental well-being and personal development, and how we build and strengthen inclusion in traditional communities and the new modern communities of social media.  We use the martial arts to create volunteering, education and employment opportunities for people who are disabled, disadvantaged, suffering from mental illness, infirmity or living with poverty and martial arts are as vibrant, engaging and relevant to children and young people today as they have always been.

Ikkaido is a registered NGO at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Ikkaido is a member of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development Goals and a signatory to the UNESCO Marseilles Declaration on inclusion in sport.





Ikkaido is a member of TAFISA, The Association for International Sport for All, which is a Federation of the International Olympic Committee.  Ikkaido is a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance which is recognised by Sport England and government as the collective organisation for sport in the UK.  Ikkaido is a member of the non-political groups Disability Action Alliance and Disability Rights UK.


Ikkaido is supported by funding from the Grand Provincial Lodge of Buckinghamshire, ACar2Go, Enterprise Car Rentals, Sasakawa Foundation, Peter Harrison Foundation,  People’s Postcode Lottery and Sport England through County Sports Partnerships all around The UK.