What exactly is Ikkaido?

Ikkaido is a unique sport and martial art that has been created and adapted especially for people who are disabled, disadvantaged, living with mental health issues or poverty.

The first principle of Ikkaido is Safety and Safeguarding and Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.  Everything we do at Ikkaido is based upon this first principle.

Ikkaido is a group of techniques modified from different martial arts in order to provide achievable challenges for each person.

Ikkaido is not about “styles”.  It is not about a particular martial art or federation – it is about people who are disadvantaged in life and marginalised in society.

Ikkaido is unique in that is an athlete-centred sport.  We do not expect people to adapt to Ikkaido; we have created Ikkaido so that everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of physical activity through martial arts.

Martial Arts are not the object of what we do, but martial arts are iconic and they are fun.  Everyone has heard of Bruce Lee, the Karate Kid or Kung Fu Panda, everyone has attempted that karate chop.  Ever popular and with wide appeal, martial arts have the potential to create social change.

Martial arts are the vehicle we use to create outcomes in physical and mental well-being and personal development, and how we build and strengthen inclusion in traditional communities and the new modern communities of social media.  We use the martial arts to create volunteering, education and employment opportunities for people who are disabled, disadvantaged, suffering from mental illness, infirmity or living with poverty and martial arts are as vibrant, engaging and relevant to children and young people today as they have always been.

And the Ikkaido  Organisation?

Ikkaido is an innovative Disability Sports Organisation and registered charity whose roots reach far back into the past.  Ikkaido is the largest disability martial arts organisation in the world and our board contains both disabled and non-disabled people.

Ikkaido is an International Registered Charity and is the largest disability martial arts organisation in the world for everyone who is committed to using the martial arts to reduce the barriers in society for people who are disabled, disadvantaged and living with poverty.

Every type of martial art, style or federation are welcomed into Ikkaido to create the widest possible offer so that disabled people are able to participate how, when and where and with whom they choose.


Use Martial Arts in an innovative way to create inclusive communities where everyone can live and learn, work and play and have fun

Key Values

Everyone is included, everyone can achieve and everyone can enjoy the feelings that achievement brings.

Ikkaido educates instructors not to teach martial arts, but to use martial arts to coach people.