NICE2Talk Project

We are pleased to announce an exciting new project…..
NICE2Talk – Network of Inclusive Communities in Europe.

NICE2Talk will be the final outcome of the iknowledge and understanding we have gained in two previous projects. Focusing on media, communications and communities with Kyu Shin Kan and Hayashi from Germany.
NICE2Talk will investigate the relationships of disabled, disadvantaged young people and the barriers to inclusion they face within local communities, the barriers to relationships within the local community and a main focus on the wider communities of social media. We will work with disabled young people, disadvantaged young people, carers and parents along with communications and social media experts from three partners supporting. The CITA Charity will provide expert volunteers from University College London to carry out coding work.
The main objective of NICE2Talk is to help disabled and non-disabled people understand how to use social media, whilst they design and build a safe inclusive social media app that will assist in creating inclusion, strengthen friendships and communities and change self perceptions of disabled people in different countries.


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