The FUNdamentals and practices of coaching children in sport.

Ikkaido kids was created to focus our coaching of children in a unique way. It is recognised that younger children learn in a different way to teenagers and adults and this is fundamentally through playing games. Coaching martial arts to children aged from 4-6 using games-based learning helps support agility, co-ordination and balance in a fun and creative way which the children respond well to.

Training in Ikkaido helps reduce anxiety and aggression and gives children confidence that can only have a positive effect on other areas of life and academic learning. Helping to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The most important part of our groups is that they are FUN AND INCLUSIVE! Martial arts is coached through playing games, often using the framework of a theme that EVERYONE can take part in. With an adapted syllabus that focusses the learning on the individual, adapting the sport to the child’s level of learning rather than adapting the child to the sport. The children are rewarded by using the coloured belts system to show progress and achievements which helps to improve self-esteem, and encourage continued learning.

Ikkaido Kids is a community where children can make friends with others from all backgrounds and abilities and to support each other as part of a team. To open the world of difference between people to children from an early age we believe will reduce instances of bullying and increase acceptance of our differences. Being part of the Ikkaido community extends beyond our coaching. Social events and special occasions are celebrated and everyone is welcome, be it a summer picnic or a Christmas party.

We have seen the positive impact Ikkaido has had on disabled and non-disabled adults and older children and now through the Ikkaido Kids programme younger children can benefit also.


KickStart 100

The KickStart 100 Programme activates sustainable participation for people who are disabled, disadvantaged or living with poverty

A KickStart 100 Project is a Network model of Mainstream HUB and Satellite clubs in the same geographical location.  KickStart 100 is an efficient and sustainable mass participation model for around 100 disabled athletes at a time.  Engagement in sport often occurs because of the community aspects; it is fun, close by, friends go and it has lots of social benefits. Equally, disengagement occurs at life transition points such as the change from primary to secondary school. So we aim for extra-curricular sessions in primary and secondary schools to reach the 95% of disabled young people who attend mainstream schools as well as special schools, day centres and colleges. Because the biggest barrier to disabled people’s participation in sport is transport, we take our sessions to wherever disabled people are. We provide qualifications and employment opportunities to disabled and disadvantaged people around the centrally located HUB which is where inclusion can take place. The Network model provides access to continued participation for people living in the area as they progress through school and into a work environment.  The Networks are scaleable and replicable.  Kickstart has created sustained participation for around 10,000 disabled and disadvantaged people.


The Inclusivize! programme has been developed in partnership with UNESCO to provide workshops for grass roots inclusive coaching alongside mass participation for disabled and disadvantaged people.  The Inclusivise! projects’ ultimate ambitions are to promote equality and disability awareness through increasing the quality of inclusive coach education in the martial arts. The projects use mainstream sport as the key to promote positive attitudes towards disability, increase inclusion and enhance understanding of disability both within martial arts and in the wider community. Positive images and positive stories are disseminated through our wide networks, through press conferences and through social media networks to increase awareness of equality and the abilities of people with a disability. An embedded multiplier effect enables the Inclusivize! projects to be run on an international level and the modular design enables sharing with other organisations as a model of good practice



PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial arts Education) is our collaboration project with International Council of Coaching Excellence, UNESCO, and the International Council of Sports Science and PE, The Association For International Sport for All.  Through developing regulated and accredited coaching qualifications we create a high quality coaching environment which sustains participation for people who are marginalised in society and provides outcomes into education and employment for both athletes and coaches.  Sustained participation enables properly trained Ikkaido coaches to create physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural change.

Through adapted syllabuses, Ikkaido establishes achievable challenges and uses coloured belt gradings to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, self-regulation and self-control.  Ikkaido offers educational and employment outcomes equally to all people.




Ikkaido create safe social media and communication apps for people who are disabled and disadvantaged.  Ikkaido are building coaching and leadership apps to deliver qualifications online.

Ikkaido has created innovative Blockchain technology integrating Xero, Office 365, Payroll and Salesforce into a powerful CRM to provide insight and measure impact.

The ultimate aim of Ikkaido and the KickStart 100 projects is to to build and strengthen inclusion in both traditional communities and the modern techno-communities of the social media for people who are disabled, disadvantaged or living with poverty