Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Mark

We are pleased to announce that we have recently become accredited with the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Mark, which recognises that we have reached and maintained good safeguarding standards and empower parents and carers to make informed decisions when selecting the right organisation to provide martial arts for their child. The Safeguarding Mark is designed for clubs where there is no national governing body affiliated to Sport England. Attaining the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Mark provides parents, carers and educational establishments, with the assurance a club has quality safeguarding processes and practices in place. As such, we will be able to supply you with the following for each coach attending your school:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Check
  • A minimum coaching standard or coaching qualification
  • Insurance documentation
  • A coach’s “Code of Conduct”
  • Reassurance that their coaches have completed relevant safeguarding awareness training

You can visit for more information about the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts “mark” and the Martial Arts Safeguarding Code

Ikkaido Inclusive Summer Workshop is a huge success.

This summer Ikkaido Aylesbury held its first ever week long fully inclusive martial arts workshop for disabled and non-disabled children aged 4-6.
Sarah Wilds coach at Ikkaido Aylesbury came up the idea to bring together children from all different backgrounds and abilities to learn, work together, play together and make new friendships in a week long workshop based in Aylesbury.
Each day had its own theme from Super Heroes to Pirates and Mermaids. The themes were carried throughout the day in the games and activities the children took part in, with the overall focus on FUN and friendship and inclusivity.
The children took part in martials arts games, learnt basic martial arts moves based on the ABC FUNdamentals of ABC (Ability, Balance and Co-ordination) and learnt how to count to 5 in Japanese. They also spent time discussing how to deal with certain emergency situations. They spent time learning through play, doing themed crafts and trying their hand at other sports including football and a multi skills session run by LEAP.
Over the course of the week the workshop saw children building new friendships and form an inclusive community. Their self confidence bloomed and positive changes were seen in the children as they began to blossom in the fully inclusive environment. The smiles seen coming from the children’s faces and the excitement displayed showed what an amazing FUNtastic time they were having.
The week ended with the children participating in a small grading, demonstrating the basic martials arts skills they had learnt throughout the week. After the grading parents, grandparents, carers and friends were invited to a graduation party to celebrate the children’s achievements. Each child was presented with a certificate to say they had completed the workshop and a medal for all their hard work. This was a great time for the families of the children to get together, enjoy socialising and to see the impact the workshop had had on their children first hand.
Thanks to sponsorship from Tesco, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, Acar2go and the Provincial Grand lodge of Buckinghamshire, the workshop was able to be run at a low cost of £5 making it accessible to families on low incomes or living in poverty, enabling parents and carers a chance to get some respite.

Due to the fantastic success of the summer workshop Ikkaido Aylesbury will now be running an Ikkaido Kids session for children aged 4-6 on Thursday evenings at 4.15pm at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. The fully inclusive sessions will be based on engaging young children with fun and age appropriate physical activity and helping them to learn through play and martial arts based games.


Ikkaido Athletes to go on private vist to the Houses of Parliament.

As part of our Erasmus+ project NICE2Talk, 25 disabled Ikkaido athletes from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, have received a special permit from a Member of Parliament for a private tour of the Houses of Parliament. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.

Our Erasmus+ project NICE2Talk is focused on social media and creating a Network of Inclusive Communities in Europe.

Ikkaido British Open of Disability Martial Arts

The 2017 Ikkaido British Open will take place on Sunday the 5th November.

This event celebrates the skills of disabled and non-disabled athletes. Where everyone can safely participate, everyone can achieve and everyone can enjoy the feeling that achievement brings. The event takes place at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire, which is the birth place of the Paralympic Movement. Entry is free for all athletes, guests, family and friends – everyone is welcome. This is a fantastic social occasion aimed at bringing together martial artists of all abilities and nationalities a great occasion to make new friends.  Registration for the event is now open and entry forms must be returned to us by 9th October. If you would like any more information or would like an entry form please email

We are pleased to offer the UKCC Level 2 Coaching Qualification for FREE !!

We are looking to train 40 new coaches with a Level 2 INCLUSIVE COACHING COURSE. What’s more it is FREE !

This is a 1st4Sport accredited UKCC certified coaching course for karate coaches and martial arts coaches and is regulated by OFQUAL. There is a very strong focus on disability coaching, equity and inclusion.

A Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Certificate will be included in the course.

The course is over two weekends. The dates and times are 09:30 to 17:30 on 9th and 10th September and 14th and 15th October 2017 for the final assessment.

We will even set up a club for you for people with a disability

The next course includes all of the key elements of modern coaching theory including learning styles, teaching styles, physiology, nutrition, sport psychology, governance, safeguarding, first aid, how to engage people and how to plan and link progressive sessions of martial.

Minimum requirements are over 17 and Brown Belt. Each qualified coach will be required to take out £5m public liability, undertake First Aid and Safeguarding training and hold a current DBS certificate in order for the qualification to be accredited and receive a Coaching Licence

Please email for further details or call 07446503082


Fantastic News from the Peter Harrison Foundation

The Peter Harrison Foundation has awarded us substantial funding for the next two years. 

The funding will enable us to train 20 new Level 2 Coaches and 20 Inclusivize! Coaches and pay them to run our projects. We will be able to coach 600 new disabled athletes providing them with 600 free karate suits, 600 free white belts, 600 free Adapted Syllabus Books, 600 free Licences and then free certificates, grading’s and coloured belts FOR THEIR WHOLE LIVES! WOW!!! SO….all you aspiring disability inclusion coaches PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

NICE2Talk Project

We are pleased to announce an exciting new project…..
NICE2Talk – Network of Inclusive Communities in Europe.

NICE2Talk will be the final outcome of the iknowledge and understanding we have gained in two previous projects. Focusing on media, communications and communities with Kyu Shin Kan and Hayashi from Germany.
NICE2Talk will investigate the relationships of disabled, disadvantaged young people and the barriers to inclusion they face within local communities, the barriers to relationships within the local community and a main focus on the wider communities of social media. We will work with disabled young people, disadvantaged young people, carers and parents along with communications and social media experts from three partners supporting. The CITA Charity will provide expert volunteers from University College London to carry out coding work.
The main objective of NICE2Talk is to help disabled and non-disabled people understand how to use social media, whilst they design and build a safe inclusive social media app that will assist in creating inclusion, strengthen friendships and communities and change self perceptions of disabled people in different countries.


Great news for Ikkaido Ireland

Funding awarded to create a coordinated programme that raises the awareness of disability and increases inclusion in martial arts.

Ikkaido Ireland in conjunction with our partners UNESCO and Irish Martial Arts Commission have been awarded two years of. We will develop and trial a one-day workshop, Inclusivize! – Martial Arts and Disability Awareness workshop. We will design and structure the Inclusivize! workshop with an embedded multiplier effect to train up to 240 coaches and engage up to 6000 disabled people in Ireland. The workshop will aim to signpost people with a disability and young non-disabled people to sessions with an IMAC or Coaching Ireland Qualified Level 2 Martial Arts Coaches.